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Washington County Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Damon Cunningham
GIS Coordinator

Washington County Engineering and Development Services
3650 State Highway 36 N
Brenham, TX 77833

Fax (979)277-6276
Email: wacaddressing@wacounty.com

911 Texas

Address Request Form

Welcome to the Washington County GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Addressing information site. This division of Washington County Engineering and Development Services duties are as follows:

  • Providing GIS support to county departments in the form of maps, GPS information, and spatial awareness applications
  • Assignment of 9-1-1 addresses
  • Collection of GPS data for county asset management
  • Creating maps for public information

Public maps and other information can be found here at these following links:

If you are in the process of building any type of building or structure in Washington County, and need a 9-1-1 address (physical address), please contact Damon Cunningham at the above phone number.  This office assigns physical addresses to any property in Washington County that is not within the incorporated City of Brenham.  In order for this office to assign an address to your property, please have the following information when you call.

  1. The owner's name and, if recently purchased, the previous owner's name.
  2. The closest neighbor or address, preferably on the same side of the road.
  3. What we will be able to see from the road, at your driveway or gate entrance.

If you feel your entrance will need a culvert, contact either Washington County Engineering and Development Services (979-277-6275) or the Texas Department of Transportation (979-836-9359).  This will depend on whether you are entering from a County road or a State road (a State road is a Highway or FM Road).  If your road is a Private Road and you do not have a driveway or gate, you will need to mark where your new entrance will be with flags or wooden stakes before it can be addressed.

If you are in the incorporated City of Brenham and need an address, please call (979) 337-7403.