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Washington County County Clerk

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This office is responsible for voter registration, as well as the administration of all federal, state, and county elections.  In addition, cities, school districts and other political entities may contract with this office to conduct their elections.

Este oficina es responsable por la registracion de votantes y administracion de todos eleciones federales, estatales y de condado.  En adicion, ciudad, distrito escular y otros oficinas politicas que estan en contrato con este oficina de eleciones.

BETH ROTHERMEL                         CAROL JACKSON
   County Clerk/Voter Registrar                                    Chief Deputy - Elections
    100 E. Main, Suite 102                                              100 E. Main, Suite 105
    Brenham, TX  77833                                                 Brenham, TX 77833
    Phone: 979-277-6200  ext. 5303                            Phone:   979-277-6200  ext. 5311
    Fax:      979-277-6278                                               Fax:       979-277-6213

Office Hours:   Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (except for county holidays)
Horas de la oficina: Lunes - Viernes 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. (excepto por dias feriados)


(Results are "unofficial" until canvassed by the Republican and Democratic Parties.)

UPCOMING ELECTIONS  (Ellecciones seguientes) -

July 14, 2020 - Primary Run-off Elections (Eleccion Primaria Decisiva del Partidos) - moved by 

order of the Governor from May 26, 2020

November 3, 2020 - General Election (Eleccion General)

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Prec. 101 - Friedens Church of Washington, 20322 FM 1155E, Washington

Prec. 104, 117 & 121 - Washington County Event Center, 1405 E. Blue Bell Rd., Brenham

Prec. 109 - St. Matthew Lutheran Church, 8819 FM 2621, Brenham

Prec. 115 - Silver Wings Ballroom, 4100 Hwy 105, Brenham

Prec. 203 - Chappell Hill Fire Department, 5295 Main St., Chappell Hill

Prec. 202, 208 - Salem Lutheran Church, 1500 Salem Rd., Brenham

Prec. 205 - VFW Hall, 1200 E. Tom Green St., Brenham

Prec. 307 & 316 - American Legion Hall, 903 N. Park St., Brenham

Prec. 311 - St. Peter's Lutheran Church, 8201 Old Gay Hill Rd., Brenham

Prec. 312 - St. John Lutheran Church, 6605 Old Independence Rd., Brenham

Prec. 320 - Berlin-Mill Creek-Zionsville Fire Dept., 101 Lillie Lange Rd., Brenham

Prec. 406, 418 & 419 - Blinn College Student Center, 1007 Walter Schwartz Way, Brenham

Prec. 410 - Burton Community Center (American Legion Hall), 13100 Washington St., Burton

Prec. 413 - Emmanuel Lutheran Church, 6700 Wickel Rd., Burton

Prec. 414 - Pleasant Grove United Methodist Church, 4950 FM 332, Brenham


Image result for building icon freeFIND MY POLLING PLACE - https://teamrv-mvp.sos.texas.gov/

                        (ENCONTRAR MI UBICACIÓN DE VOTACIÓN)

SAMPLE BALLOTS (boletas de muestra) - to be posted



board, notice, noticeboard icon    - Notice of Election:

                                        Republican Primary

                                        Democratic Primary

                                 - Notice of Logic and Accuracy Test

* For a list of those having voted early in the most recent election -

            (Lista de los votantes en esta eleccion) -           




County Commissioner Precincts & corresponding Election Precincts & Voting Locations (Localidades para votar por comisionado del condado en su precinto)

Texas Election Law  - you must be in line at 7:00 p.m. on Election Day to vote.


Voter Registration Application (Applicacion de registracion al votante)
- Voters must be actively registered at least 30 days prior to an election;  (Votantes tienen que registrarse 30 dias antes de la eleccion)
- Voter must be registered in Washington Co. to vote in the county's elections; (Votantes tienen que registrados en el condado de Washington    para votar)
- Voter must be registered within a city's limits to vote in that city's election; (Votantes tienen que vivir en la ciudad para participar en las electiones de la ciudad)
- Voter must be registered within a school district's boundaries to vote in an eleciton of that school district; (Votantes tienen que vivir en el distrito escolar para participar en las elecciones del distrito escolar)


The last day to receive an application to vote by mail in the Run-off Primary Election is Friday, May 15 2020. 

If a voter has submitted an Annual Application, it is not necessary to submit an application for each election in 2020. 

The application must be mailed in after Early Voting has begun, per state law. (If a voter is physically unable to enter the Early Voting polling place, curbside voting in a vehicle is available.  A parking space in front of the Courthouse Annex at 100 S. Park Street, Brenham, is available for the curbside voter during Early Voting.)
Application to Vote by Mail 
Applicion para votar por el correo - Spanish
    Applications may be mailed to - 100 E. Main, Ste. 105, Brenham, TX  77833 
                               or faxed to - 979-277-6213
                               or emailed to - cjackson@wacounty.com
 State Law - Applications to vote by mail are due in-office (not postmarked) no later than the 11th day before election day (Applicaciones para votar por correo tienen que estar en este oficina no mas tarde que el dia 11 antes del dia de eleccion.)
        - Applications may be mailed in, emailed in or faxed (original must be received in our office within 4 days if emailed or faxed).  Applications may also be "walked in" prior to the start of Early Voting; after that date, they must mailed in. (Appliciones pueden ser mandadas por correo, por correo electronico o por fax (originales tiene que ser recibidos en este oficinaen cuatro dias si son mandada por correo electronico o fax).  Applicaciones tambien pueden ser traidas a la oficina antes de las elecciones previas.  Despues del commienso de las elecciones previas solo son recividas por el correo.)

County Election Precincts - Map (Division de precintos en el condado de Washington)

Voter ID Information (English) 

Voter ID Information (español)  (Informacion del identificacion para el votante)

Notice of Voting Order Priority (Aviso de prioridad de orden de votacion)

Local Elected Office Holders of Washington County:

    District Attorney - Julie Renken

    County Judge - John Durrenberger

    Court At Law Judge - Eric Berg

     County Attorney - Renee Mueller

     District Clerk - Tammy Brauner

     County Clerk - Beth Rothermel

     Sheriff - Otto Hanak

     Tax Assessor-Collector - Dot Borchgardt

     County Treasurer - Peggy Kramer

     County Commissioners:

           Precinct 1 - Don Koester

           Precinct 2 - Candice Bullock

           Precinct 3 - Kirk Hanath

           Precinct 4 - Joy Fuchs

     Justices of the Peace:

           Precinct 1 - Douglas Zwiener

           Precinct 2  - Douglas Cone

           Precinct 3 - Ken Tofel

           Precinct 4 - William E. "Bill" Kendall


           Precinct 1 - Ken Holle

           Precinct 2 - Carroll Charles "Butch" Faske

           Precinct 3 - David Blakey, Jr.

           Precinct 4 - Greg Rolling


Local Offices up for election in 2020 -

     District Attorney, County Attorney, Sheriff, Tax Assessor-Collector, Precinct 1 Commissioner, Precinct 3 Commissioner, and all 4 Constable positions.

     To file for office, contact one of the following -

          Republican Party Chair - Sandra Kindt at 979-525-1128

          Democratic Party Chair - George Dillingham at 979-830-1974

          (we have not been given any information about any other party)

     Filing period for the 2020 Election is November 9, 2019 - December 9, 2019 at 6 p.m.

     Qualifications for office - https://www.sos.texas.gov/elections/candidates/guide/2020/qualifications2020.shtml

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Any questions about elections in Washington County should be directed to: (Preguntas de las elecciones del condado de Washington son dirijidas a:)

(979) 277-6200 Ext. 5303
(979) 277-6200 Ext. 5311

Resultados de elecciones pasadas -

November, 2012 - Presidential Election (Eleccion Presidencial)
November, 2014 - Gubernatorial Election (Eleccion del Governador)
November, 2015 - Constitutional Amendment Election (Eleccion sobre Enmiendas a la Constitucion)
November, 2016 - Presidential Election (Eleccion Presidencial)
November, 2017 - Constitutional Amendment Election (Eleccion sobre Enmiendas a la Constitucion)
November, 2018 - Gubernatorial Election (Eleccion del Governador)
November, 2019 - Constitutional Amendment Election (Eleccion sobre Enmiendas a la Constitucion)

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