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Voter Registration Application    Solicitud de Registro Electoral   Voter Registration Information

More information can be found at: https://www.votetexas.gov

You are eligible to register to vote if you:

  • Are a United States citizen;
  • Are a resident of the county where the application is submitted;
  • Are at least 17 years and 10 months old, and you are 18 years of age on Election Day;
  • Have not been finally convicted of a felony, or if convicted, you have completed all punishment, including any term of incarceration, parole, supervision, probation, or have received a pardon;
  • Note: Deferred adjudication is not a final felony conviction.
  • Have not been determined by a final judgment of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote.
  • Note: People with disabilities have the right to register to vote so long as they are eligible.


Convicted Felons and Voting

In Texas, a convicted felon regains the right to vote after completing his or her sentence. Therefore, once you have completed the punishment phase (including any term of incarceration, parole, or supervision, or completed a period of probation ordered by the court), you are eligible to register and vote in the State of Texas.

Volunteer Deputy Registrars

Volunteer Deputy Registrar Training (PDF) | Spanish(PDF)

Election Worker Information

Poll Worker Training: Online Poll Worker Training

Student Election Workers



(Application for Ballot by Mail – ABBM & Federal Post Card Application – FPCA)

For more information: https://www.votetexas.gov

A qualified voter may vote by mail if the voter:

  • Will be 65 or older on Election Day (Annual or Regular ABBM)
  • Has a Disability (Annual or Regular ABBM)
  • Is expecting to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day (Regular ABBM) (New Law)
  • Is civilly committed under Chapter 841, Health and Safety Code (Regular ABBM) (New Law)
  • Expects to be absent from county during Early Voting and on Election Day (Regular ABBM)
  • Is Confined in Jail (Regular ABBM)
  • Is in the Attorney General Address Confidentiality Program (Regular ABBM)
  • Is Military or dependent of Military & outside of home Texas county (FPCA)
  • Is Temporarily Living Outside the United States (FPCA)
  • Is Living Outside the United States and the Voter has Indicated their Intent to Return is Uncertain (FPCA)
  • Is a member of the National Guard or Dependent (FPCA) Chapters 82 and 101, Texas Election Law Code (New Law)



Important Instructions

/upload/page/10697/BY MAIL SPANISH.pdf

Instrucciones Importantes


MILITARY AND OVERSEAS: https://www.votetexas.gov/military-overseas-voters

Mail   - 100 E. Main, Ste. 105, Brenham, TX  77833 
Fax     - 979-277-6213
Email -  cjackson@wacounty.com

Methods of Submitting an ABBM or FPCA

NEW LAW: House Bill 3107 (2021)-Effective September 1, 2021, voters who are disabled or 65 or older, may now personally deliver their ABBM or FPCA to the early voting clerk not later than the close of regular business in the early voting clerk’s office or 12 noon, whichever is later, on the 11th day before election day (unless that day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal state or national holiday, in which case the last day is the first preceding regular business day.) 
This method does not apply to voting by mail due to absence from the county of residence.
*For the constitutional amendment election, this deadline is Friday, October 22, 2021
Sections 84.007, 84.008, and 101.052 Texas Election Code.

Faxed or Emailed Application

  • If an ABBM is faxed or emailed, or if an FPCA is faxed, then the applicant must submit the ORIGINAL application BY MAIL to the early voting clerk so that the early voting clerk receives the original no later than the 4th business day after receiving the emailed or faxed ABBM or FPCA.
  • If the early voting clerk does not receive the original ABBM or FPCA by that deadline, then the emailed or faxed ABBM or faxed FPCA will be considered incomplete, and the early voting clerk may NOT send the applicant a ballot.
  •      The early voting clerk should retain a copy of the FPCA for their own records, but should not retain a copy of the FPCA for their own records, but should send the FPCA submitted by the voter to the Voter Registrar for registration purposes.

Section 84.007, Texas Election Code


Did you know? Forms of Acceptable ID: https://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/need-id.html

  • You must show an acceptable form of photo ID to vote.
  • Guns are not permitted in the voting location. Unless you are law enforcement, your gun should be left at home or in your vehicle.
  • Cell phones cannot be used within 100 feet of the voting location. This means you cannot answer your phone should it ring and should be placed in your purse or pocket and on silent mode if possible.
  • There should be no talking once you receive your ballot. The exception is if you asked for assistance or an interpreter at the time of check-in or need help or assistance from a poll worker.
  • There is no politicking allowed within the 100’ distance marker. This includes items such as masks, hats, t-shirts, pens, stickers, business cards, and the like. These items should be left at home or in your vehicle. You will be asked to remove or cover up any visible items or to leave the voting location. 
  • No one has the right to intimidate you while you are at the polls. You do not have to speak to anyone who is politicking outside of the 100’ distance marker. Candidates are allowed inside the 100’ to vote, when asked by a voter for assistance in voting or to attend to official work duties only. 
  • You can bring in literature to assist you in voting. It is always recommended that you do your research on the candidates and issues before coming to the voting location.  A list of names and issues to vote for may be made in advance of arriving at the voting location and used to assist you in voting. 
  • Note: List provided outside of the voting location by a candidate(s) is considered political material and should not be brought into the location.

Voter Id Requirements: https://www.votetexas.gov/register-to-vote/need-id.html
(Informacion del identificacion para el votante español)

Notice of Voting Order Priority (Aviso de prioridad de orden de votacion)

CURBSIDE VOTING is available during Early Voting and on Election Day for a voter who is physically unable to enter the polling place to vote. A designated parking space in front of the polling place is available for the curbside voter.

Polling locations have a Curbside sign with a bell to notify election officials or call 979-277-6264 to alert us!


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