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Effective January 1, 2022 - Civil Filing fee has increased to $74.00 with Service = $159.00

The First Justice Court of Washington County, Texas

Judge Douglas Zwiener - Presiding


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Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 45.041 (a-1)

There may be an alternative to full payment of any fine or costs assessed against a Defendant if the Defendant is eligible to remedy the fine(s) and Cost(s) by one of the following methods.  If the judge determines that the Defendant does not have sufficient resources or income to immediately pay all or part of the fine(s) and cost(s), the Judge shall determine whether the fine(s) and cost(s) should be:

  1. Required to be paid at some later date or in a specified portion at designated intervals (payment plan)
  2. Discharged by performing community service;
  3. Waived in full or in part; or
  4. Satisfied through any combination of these methods.

Self Help Notice:

1. Texas Law Library Website:   www.sll.texas.gov

2. Lone Star Legal Aid: http://lonestarlegal.org/

3. Texas Young Lawyers Association: http://www.tyla.org/

4. Texas Office of Court Administration - Indigent Information: http://www.tidc.texas.gov/

5. SELF REPRESENTING LITIGANTS(SRL).  This court is participating in a state wide pilot program to assist those litigants that can't hire an attorney in a CIVIL CASE.  There is a SRL packet link below that has forms and information developed by the SMU law school and the Texas Appleseed Project.  This material is not legal advice but procedural advice for SRL litigants in CIVIL COURT.  Please use the resources above if you need free or low cost legal advice.




Judge Douglas
Zwiener's court is located at 1305 E. Blue Bell Road, Suite 114, at the Washington County Fairgrounds Event Center and Office Annex, Brenham, TX 77833.  The office is open from 8:00 am to noon and 1pm until 5pm, Monday through Friday.  The Court does not accept personal checks for payment of fines.  Payment MUST be in the form of a cashier's check or money order made payable to Justice of the Peace, Precinct One.

Judge Zwiener has been serving since 2006.  He also serves as a Magistrate at the Washington County Jail and is the President of the Washington County Bail Bond Board and served on the Brazos Valley Council of Governments Homeland Security Committee

Chief Master Court Clerk Beth Ann Schramm has worked for Precinct One since 1999.

Effective August 31, 2013, the Supreme Court of Texas has issued new rules for Justice Court Civil Cases.  Small Claims Court has been abolished and all civil cases will be under "Justice Court".  The new Justice Court rules are available by selecting this link.




Eviction packet (effective 01-19-2022)

Debit Claim Petition (effective 08-31-13)

Repair or Remedy Petition (effective 08-31-13) 

Small Claim Petition (effective 08-31-13)

Servicemember's Civil Relief Act Affidavit (Required on all civil cases)


If you are a party to a suit in Precinct One, please review the court's Rules of Decorum.  You may call the Court at (979) 277-6260, if you have any procedural questions. Fax number is (979)277-6296.

This office will not return long distance phone calls.  PLEASE read your courtesy letter (blue or yellow sheet provided at time of your citation) BEFORE you call the office.

With a limited staff, we may not be able to answer every call that comes into the office.  From time to time circumstances beyond our control will necessitate the court office to be closed, especially during court session, Inquest calls, Magistrate’s Session, etc.

Juveniles 16 years and under must present their pleas before the judge and MUST have a parent or legal guardian present.  Please contact the Court for scheduling.

If you received a citation (ticket), the officer should have provided a copy of the court courtesy letter.  The courtesy letter outlines fines and procedures for taking defensive driving.  Please READ both sides of your courtesy letter before calling the court.

Washington County Justice Courts COURTESY LETTER & REPLY FORM Texas law prohibits contact with the Judge regarding any matter that is filed with the court or may come before the court, unless it is done at trial.  The court CAN NOT give legal advice, please contact an attorney if you have a legal question.

Washington County, Precinct 1
Judge Douglas Zwiener

1305 E. Blue Bell Road, Suite 114
Brenham, Texas 77833
E-Mail Address: jp1court@washingtoncountytx.gov

(979)277-6260 (office)
(979) 277-6296 - Fax

Instructions for credit card payment
To pay by credit card call the toll-free number 1-979-353-3007 or visit www.washingtoncountypayments.com to pay fines by credit card over the Internet. 

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