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Washington County
Justice of the Peace Precinct Three





The attached pdf document shows the most recent update & signed order from Judge Houston regarding office operations at the guidance of the Office of Court Administration & the State of Texas regarding all hearings, court dates & required extensions.

Judge Duane "Dane" Houston is presiding judge of the Precinct Three Justice Court.  The court is located at 100 East Main Street, Suite 202 in the Washington County Courthouse, located in Brenham, Texas.  Our office hours are  Monday through Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, open during lunch, and Friday, 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, open during lunch. We are closed weekends and holidays. 

Please note that the Chief Justice Clerk of Precinct 3 is not an attorney, therefore it is against the law for any legal advice to be given from this office. If you are requesting legal advice, you will be forwarded to the attorney of your choice for the necessary information. This is the law and there are no exceptions.

The Court DOES NOT accept personal/business/attorney checks for payment of fines.  Payments submitted to the Court MUST be in the form of a cashier's check or money order made out to Washington County.

Payment may also be made by credit card. You WILL NEED your ticket or case number and/or driver license number to pay by credit card. If you have multiple violations, you may make one payment for all violations.

The Court does NOT accept e-mail or faxed information.

If you are a party to a suit in Precinct Three, please review the court's code of conduct.  You may call the Court at (979) 277-6200 ext 5320, if you have any questions.

Juveniles 16 years and under must present their pleas before the judge and MUST have a parent or legal guardian present.  You MUST contact the Court for scheduling.

If you need information regarding your citation and do not have a copy of the courtesy notice, one can be found below for your convenience.

Courtesy Letter


In order to use defensive driving to satisfy your citation, you MUST:

• Have a Texas driver license. (Commercial Driver's with CDL's DO NOT qualify for defensive driving, whether driving either a commercial vehicle, a personal vehicle or a motorcycle).

• Certify that you have not taken the course in the previous 12 months for the purpose of ticket dismissal; and;

• Have not have been cited for a speed of 25 mph or more than the legal speed limit or cited for 95 mph over the limit.

If you have received a citation and prefer to request Defensive Driving, you MUST submit the following items to our Court, on or before your appearance date by certified mail:

* 1. A completed reply form - signed, dated & notarized. (You can find a copy of this reply form above by clicking "Courtesy Letter Page 1).

* 2. Proof of your valid Texas liability Insurance.

* 3. A copy of your citation.

* 4. A self-addressed, stamped envelope. (This is an envelope that you address to yourself & put a stamp on.)

* 5. A copy of your valid Texas driver's license.

* 6. A court fee of $ 144.00 which must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order, made payable to Washington County.

Some things to note with the defensive driving option:

You CANNOT take the course before you receive permission from the Court. This means all of the above information needs to be submitted to the Court BEFORE you take the class or sign up. After the Court gives you the permission to use the Defensive Driving option to satisfy your citation, you have 90 days to complete your course and submit your proof of completion. If you fail to meet the 90 day deadline, a WARRANT for your arrest may be issued and your driver license renewal may be denied.


If you would like to request Deferred Probation for your citation, your request MUST be submitted in writing. For your convenience, the Court has a form for you to fill out and submit.

Deferred Disposition Request Judge Houston


If you would like to file a civil case in Precinct 3, the following documents are available to you for download.

Eviction Petition Judge Houston

Debt Claim Petition Judge Houston

Small Claims Petition Judge Houston 

Military Status Information Judge Houston

Civil Information Sheet


General Rules of Attire and   
Conduct in Judge Houston's Courts   

Do Not Wear:

1. Shorts or cutoffs  
2. Muscle shirts, clothing with offensive, vulgar, racist, sexist, obscene or suggestive words, slogans or graphics.  
3. Pullover, caps or hats of any kind.  
4. Torn, ragged or dirty clothing.  
5. Anything that provoke emotion or disrupt the Court proceedings.  


You may represent yourself in Justice Court. This is called "pro se" (appearing for oneself).  The defendant should be prepared to present the case to the Court in a proper manner.  In criminal cases, the State will be represented by the County Attorney.  It is your responsibility to understand how to present evidence and how you prove and present your case.  The Court is not permitted to assist you.
2. Rise when the Judge enters the courtroom and remain standing until the Judge or bailiff announces to be seated. Rise again when the Judge leaves the bench.  
3. DO NOT argue with the Judge.  
4. Always address the Court as "Judge" or "Your Honor".  
5. Only approach the bench after you have received the Judge's permission to do so.  
6. Do not chew gum in the courtroom or enter the courtroom with food or a beverage.  
7. All cellphones, tablets and computers must be off or in silent mode.  
8. No weapons of any kind or unattended packages are allowed in the courtroom.  

Judge Duane "Dane" Houston is the Presiding Judge for Precinct Three in Washington County. 
Judge Houston took office in April 2022.  
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